Professor John Corbett, Consultant Neurologist

Founder of Corbett Neurophysiology Services (CNS)

After graduating as Dux of his primary and secondary schools, John qualified in Medicine at the University of Queensland with the leading academic honours for his course. He became the Queensland Rhodes Scholar in 1965 and after achieving an Oxford MA and a Doctorate of Philosophy in neurophysiology, he became the inaugural BMA Research Fellow and an Oxford Don. During this 9-year period, he published 56 articles in learned academic journals, before accepting a senior neurophysiology appointment at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital. After this, he returned to Australia, where he worked at various universities and public hospitals, and later in private medical practice. He has been closely involved in neurophysiology throughout his career, and had a central role in helping to establish one of the largest sleep-medicine groups in the world, comprising 30 sleep centres. For about the last 10 years he has limited his practice to neurophysiology (NCS, EMG and EEG) and in 2003, was one of the few medical practitioners in Australia who was awarded a Centenary Medal for “Distinguished Service in the Field of Medicine”.

In order to enable CNS to cope with an exceptionally long wait-list for new appointments, John has now gathered together a team of like-minded neurologists who share his passion for neurophysiology. The CNS vision is to provide patients and referrers with high-quality, largely bulk-billed neurophysiology, as a gesture to help patients cope financially in a world of ever-rising medical costs.

Dr Ventzi Bonev, Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist


After practicing as a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist in South Africa for seven years, Ventzi joined Corbett Neurophysiology Services (CNS) full-time in 2007. As an Overseas Trained Physician, he was initially required to undergo peer-review evaluation jointly in the Gold Coast University Hospital and with Professor John Corbett, the founder of Corbett Neurophysiology Services. Since 2007, he has sub-specialised exclusively in neurophysiology, and has provided consultations, examinations and detailed clinical neurophysiology examinations and reports (NCS, EMG, EEG) on many thousands of patients.

For the past eleven years in working closely with Prof Corbett, Ventzi has participated extensively in activities of continuing professional development (CPD). In parallel with the expansion of CNS, he will continue hereafter to participate actively in the ongoing in-house CPD program of CNS, which will include regular video case conferences on complex cases and a Journal Club, which will be shared with the other four Neurologists of CNS, via a dedicated, high-speed video-based Managed Private Communications Network.

Ventzi lives on the Gold Coast with his family, and consults in both Southport and Meadowbrook. In the process of assessing some thousands of patients during the past eleven years, he has formed close professional relationships with colleagues and referrers throughout South East Queensland. He has now been a valued member of CNS for over ten years, and intends to maintain this association for the remainder of his professional career, in parallel with maintaining his exclusive sub-specialty focus on neurophysiology.

Dr Beratgul Gur Echeverria, Neurologist and Neurophysiologist

MD (Turkey), FCNeur (Turkey)

Dr Beratgul Gur Echeverria qualified as an MD in Ankara, Turkey, in 2000 and spent five years in research and specialist training as a Neurologist. She then worked in a busy neurological clinic, seeing up to 50-60 out-patients per day in public and private hospital settings, as one of only four Neurologists serving a local population of 200,000. During this period, she trained and qualified in neurophysiology (NCS, EMG and EEG) and found that she loved this particular neurological sub-specialty. In due course, Berat married and emigrated to Australia with her husband and three children in 2017, where her training in neurology was found by the RACP to be “substantially comparable” to that of Australian-trained Neurologists.

Berat has broad experience of neurology, but wishes now to sub-specialise in neurophysiology for the indefinite future, in view of having particularly enjoyed her experience of neurophysiology in Turkey, where she studied some thousands of patients. She is therefore a very welcome addition to Corbett Neurophysiology Services (CNS) and expects to be joining the group in April 2018, particularly to service patients in the Browns Plains catchment area.

Dr Terence Chou, Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist

MD (Taiwan), FCNeur (Taiwan), MNeurSc (UQ)

Terence qualified in Neurology and Neurophysiology in Taiwan 20+ years ago in one of the leading Neurology Centres in Taiwan. His training emphasised neurophysiology, and was supplemented by visits from Neurophysiologists from Queens Square (London) and the Mayo Clinic (USA). His long-standing passion for neurophysiology led in 2010 to his being awarded a Master of Neuroscience qualification from the University of Queensland.

Terence and his family migrated to Australia in 2007 and they now reside on the beautiful Gold Coast. Consistent with the normal processes of the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority (AHPRA), he is presently completing a twelve-month period of peer review at the Princess Alexandra and Logan Hospitals, while he will also continue as a Senior Lecturer and Academic Title Holder in the School of Medicine, Griffith University.

For the coming twelve months, Terence will work half-time with Corbett Neurophysiology Services, as he wishes to continue to focus on this neurological sub-speciality for the rest of his neurology career. From early 2019, he will do so full-time in Corbett Neurophysiology Services.