We routinely bulk-bill our services, with no out-of-pocket expenses (with the exception of certain complex studies which are performed to the specification of the referring Doctor – usually Spinal Surgeons).

Patients must be able to provide a current Medicare Card and referral from their GP or Specialist.

Patients are strongly encouraged to enquire about the cost of their test/procedure at the time of booking. It is our policy to provide clear, explicit information to all patients if an out-of-pocket fee will apply.

Workcover, CTP Insurance & DVA

Workcover, CTP insurance and DVA claims are welcome in our clinics and are billed directly to the relevant insurer, once approval has been received.

We ensure that appointments are available daily for these patients, as it is our priority to assist people to return to work as soon as possible.

Out-of-pocket Fees

The only services which we do not bulk-bill relate to patients who require unusually complex EMG/NCS studies (usually prior to spinal surgery), when the referring Doctor/Specialist requests us to perform technically-demanding studies designed to clarify the exact level/s of nerve-root involvement.

For these small number of services which are not bulk-billed, we offer a discount on the scheduled AMA fee for all Medicare Card holders. All patients are fully informed about any such fees before making an appointment.

We accept payment via credit card (VISA and MasterCard), EFTPOS and Cash.

We can also lodge Medicare claims electronically, so that Medicare rebates are automatically sent to the patient’s nominated bank account.