How To Refer To Us

Electronic Referral

Request to Download Electronic Referral Form

Compatible with all practice software. Please make your request and we will send you the template shortly.

If you require assistance integrating this into your practice software, please phone 07 5503 2499 or email us.

Paper-based Referral

Order Referral Pads

(Sent to you via post)

Download Paper-based Referral Form


Sending Referrals

Our electronic or paper-based referral forms can be returned via:

  • Fax: 07 5503 2488
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Medical Objects: electronic and scanned paper-based forms accepted
  • Best Practice OR Medical Director: use the HealthShare Referrals Tool to access our electronic referral form (this can easily be integrated into either software package).

Once we receive your referral, our friendly bookings team will contact the patient to make an appointment.


We strive to maintain fast reporting deadlines. We deliver clear results in a comprehensive report within 24 hours of the tests being performed. Results are returned via Medical Objects, fax or email (as specified by referrers).

Practice Visits

If you would like to learn more about our services, you can request a practice visit:
Request a Visit

One of our friendly team will visit your practice to explain more about neurophysiology testing, peripheral nervous system neuropathies and how we can be of assistance to you and your patients. Upon request, we can also demonstrate our services (including Quantitative EMG Motor Unit Analysis, which has been developed by Professor Corbett and is not yet performed anywhere else).