Notice Regarding EEG’s

It has become more and more difficult in recent years to cover the cost of performing electroencephalograms (EEG’s) while bulk-billing, due to the fact that the Medical Benefit Schedule of Fees was “frozen” by both Labor and LNP Governments from 2012 to 2019. Although the freeze has now been lifted, the rebate has not caught up to the rising costs of performing this service.

Since our practices are mainly located where patients cannot readily afford “gap fees”, we have mainly bulk-billed for many years. Unfortunately, we can no longer afford to bulk-bill for EEG’s and have therefore ceased providing this service.

Professor John Corbett petitioned the Government to reverse the 8-year Medicare rebate freeze and reduce “gap fees” for patients. We would like to thank the 10,478 people who took the time to sign the petition and provide support to stop the Medicare Rebate Freeze. The good news is that all of your signatures have helped to draw media attention to the issue. Click here to read an article published in the Gold Coast Bulletin on 9 April 2019.